Safety Tips

Constant supervision is the only sure way to
prevent drowning.  However, on occasion supervision breaks down.  If you cannot find your child, check the pool first - seconds count.

Never leave your child alone in the bathtub or pool - not even for a second.

Do not leave the pool to answer the phone - this is the foremost distraction and is commonly stated as why the baby was left unattended - for just a second.  Unfortunately that is enough time for disaster.  Bring a portable phone to the pool, install a phone jack by the pool or ignore the call.  Your child is more important.

NEVER USE FLOTATION DEVICES! These devices lend a false sense of security to you and your child.  Studies reveal that parents whose children use flotation do not watch their children closely.  In addition, the posture these devices encourage is detrimental to learning true swimming skills that could save their life.  Simply resist the urge and DON’T DO IT!

Leave a responsible ADULT in charge of safety.  Do not delegate this task to an older sibling.  This is too much responsibility and many children have drowned with their older sibling - watching them in the pool.

Never assume someone else is watching your child.  If you and your spouse are by the pool delegate supervision to one person and then trade off watching every 10 – 15 minutes..

Every backyard pool, pond or lake should be completely fenced.  The side of the house DOES NOT count as a fourth side.   The point is there must be a barrier between your house and the pool.  Install pool fencing specifically designed to keep children out or install a permanent fence around all four sides.  Pay special attention to pet doors as children are small enough to get out the pet door.  Install high locks with chimes on every door and window and consider getting a pool alarm.  The goal is to put  as many barriers as possible between your child and the pool.

Do not leave chairs, ladders or other objects near the pool that would allow a child to climb the fence.

Make sure all windows of your house provide a clear view of the pool so you could easily spot a child who made his way to the pool unattended.

Keep the pool clean.  Cloudy or murky water can be a hazard.

Water levels should be 3-4 inches from the top to make climbing out easier.