Chuck Teasley, Master Instructor, ISR
Serving the St. Louis, Mo area

I have been an instructor since 1994 and involved with ISR since 1989. My family moved to Florida in April of 1989 and bought a home with a pool in the back yard. Having an extraordinarily active and coordinated 15 month old and expecting a new baby in June, we were very concerned (to say the least) about pool safety. I contacted the ISR instructor in our area (at the advice of our pediatrician) and enrolled our son immediately.

Our two daughters have also been students in the program and all three of our children are very accomplished in the water. They all are involved with USA swimming (a year round program) and have always loved the water. None of them remembers not knowing how to swim. Our middle child was swimming before she could walk.

During the past 24 years I have taught over 7,500 children the skills necessary to save themselves should they get to the water un-supervised.  I cannot think of anything I would rather do than teach children a skill that may save their life.

Infant Swimming Resource is the culmination of over four decades of dedicated research and implementation to solve the preventable tragedy of infant and childhood drowning. We have successfully taught more than 400,000 students. In addition, we have more than 800 affidavits on file of students who have saved themselves from definite drowning situations. Currently ISR has over 620 certified instructors in the United States and abroad.